Haster - Illaborous
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  • Длительность: 04:29
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Клип Haster - Illaborous

Текст песни Haster - Illaborous

What is gone when we recollect?
My friend, what is left?
Through the trials, we un-become one.
Entitlement can't.
Have you come alive?
Fall behind - its certain
That you stink of pride.
'Illaborous, ' I'll save myself
Before I succumb to your wants
Cuz I don't care. I'll never front.
This time you commence into
Life robbed of 'meant, '
You'll prove nothing with your dues
That are overdue.
And I'm not afraid to say...
I never wanted to run far from home but medication
Takes pain away, but life is so much more than
Making it through the days with nothing to show or claim.
Can't you see through my eyes? You feel me?
Now you'll come alive.
Crawl in front of curtains
Drenched in drunken pride.
'Illaborous, ' I'll save myself,
Before I succumb to your wants
Cuz mom and dad, make you so strong.
Life's not fair. Life's not fair. Go!
Screaming out I'll break through your life I was never part of, I'm never part of this
Family cuz you took all their time. Pity, but that's why...
I don't care. You'll speak to me twice?
Still won't care. Action will gain you fare
Into my heart. But until then...
"Oh, no... you'll give up."
Please don't give up...
Cuz I'm alone.
Brother, don't give up.
Cuz when you give up
I'll be gone.
Oh no. You'll give up
I'll be gone.
Oh no. You take pride in pain.
If love is all you have
It will be all you have
So let it be all you have
And with it be free.
Now you'll come alive
Breast beats pride and certainly you'll find a life.
You'll find a life.
Find a life.

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